In my imagination, every melody is a chapter of its own story, and every harmony unveils a new adventure. I invite you to discover my "worlds of sound". This isn't just a catchphrase - it's a promise to guide you through musical worlds of emotion and resonance.

My productions are living, breathing stories that pulse with the heartbeat of life. From delicate whispers to thunderous roars, each note carries the weight of emotions waiting to be discovered, creating experiences that linger in the heart.

How does your world sound like? Let's find out!


Own Productions

Ice And Blood - a town high up in the north, surrounded by ice and snow, where the people worship dark gods...

Bargond - City of Elves - a short symphonic tune written back in 2003, inspired by the Ultima-Online-Freeshard Phantasmorgia.

The Wild Horde - the orcs are at war. Hear the drums!

Snowflake 1924 - Downtown Chicago in winter 1924, a backyard covered with snow at night. Only a single lantern sheds some light on the scene, somwhere between bitterness and hope.

City of Darkness - dark and electronic, a soundtrack for cyberpunk stories.

The Deep - sounds from the deep sea, floating and spheric.

Metharme Returns (Fictional Trailer) - created during a film scoring workshop to an existing voiceover track.

Running Blue - for the 37th Wöhler Run (film by Nikolai Dering)

Productions for Partners

Folk My Life! - April Schottis aka Kalas i karantän

Folk My Life! - Epic Dahlhoff

Folk My Life! - Maipolska


Music has always been a vital part of my life. Since my youth I've been producing MIDI tracks or audio dramas for friends. I have played in an orchestra and various bands. Currently, I am with The Moonshine Barrel Project (Vocals / Rhythm Guitars).

I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Paderborn, where my specialization lead to the physical and technical basics of acoustics and signal processing. I am still connected to the university, since I volunteer as lecturer for a seminar about sound analysis and synthesis.

In 2021, I decided to take the next step into professional audio and took a remote class in Audio Engineering.

Since 2010 I've been also volunteering as technical lead for the ROCKSANITY festival in Paderborn and the LOST IN MADNESS festival in Schwalenberg.

Audiocation Zertifikat



Folk My Life! (Fresh Folk / Münster, DE)

The Moonshine Barrel Project (Metal / Paderborn, DE)

Headon (Heavy Metal / Schwalenberg, DE)


Falke Bewegtbild

Deepstone Media Production


Measurement Engineering Group (University of Paderborn)